Why come to therapy?


Things I may be able to help with:

 - Relationship issues (family, intimate and professional);
 - Sexuality and LGBTQ+ issues;
 - Life changing events;
 - Trauma and PTSD;
 - Depression;
 - Anxiety;
 - Mental health difficulties;
 - Family difficulties;
 - Childhood Abuse;
 - Self-esteem and confidence;
 - Stress;
 - Bereavement and loss;
 - Chronic illness;
 - Eating difficulties;
 - Difficulties with identity;
 - Anger issues;
 - Domestic abuse:
 - Phobias;
 - Self-harm and Suicide;

Whilst this list is extensive the help I can offer is by no means limited to this list. There are many issues that bring people to counselling and whether you are in crisis or not, counselling may be helpful for you. If you would like to discuss whether counselling may be helpful for you then I can offer a free 30 minute consultation with you (see "Appointments" page).